Steel Beams

Structural Steel

Novel Iron Works is proud to offer our clients more than just simple fabrication. We specialize and are certified by the AISC for structural steel, simple bridge and bridge components. Our project managers are dedicated to getting you what you want , where you want and when you want it. Having a strong team of in-house detailers allows us to keep the price down and increase accuracy for projects ranging from simple house beams to road signs to complex structures up to 5,500 tons. We do this through our own connection design and constant communication throughout the project process.

  • Wide Flange I Beams: w4x13 - w44x335
  • Hollow Structural HSS: 1-1/2-20x20x5/8
  • Angle: L 1x1x1/8 - 8x8x1
  • Pipe: 1" - 12"
  • Plate: 1/8" - 4"
  • MC Channel: 4x13.80 - mc18x42.70
  • Channel: c3x4.10 - c15x50.00
  • Steel Joist & Steel Decking by special order

We can also camber beams Roll HSS Angle and Wide Flange - cold or hard processes